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/ mayo 26, 2023

The Plants

Plants and trees are living beings. . They need sunlight, water, and air to grow. . The life of a plant begins when it is a tiny seed. . In...

/ mayo 19, 2023

The sound

In the world there are many sounds of many types. . Some sounds are very loud. . Some sounds are very soft. . The pitch of a sound refers to...

/ mayo 12, 2023


Kangaroos live in Australia . They have got small heads and big ears. . They can hop very fast. . Kangaroos have got a special bag. . A baby kangaroo...

/ mayo 8, 2023


Amphibians are vertebrates animals. They have got bones.  . It starts life in the water. . They breathe using gills.  . As adults they develop lungs. . The lungs  allow...